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Welcome (croeso) to my site of buses, coaches and operators in my local area - .I really do hope you enjoy and benefit from your visit.

My name is Ron - I am retired and enjoy being a bus enthusiast and historian

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The first main section looks at most of the current firms that operate bus or coaches in North East Wales.  For each operator there is some background information, there is a current fleet list and for most of them there is a historic list of what is thought to be every vehicle that the firm has ever operated.

The second section includes a large number of pages devoted to the many bus and coach operators in my area that no longer trade for one reason or another.  There is a wide selection covering a vast time scale.  Work on this section is on going and it is hoped to add very many others to this growing collection.  Details of the known history of the operators is offered together with a list of what is known of the vehicles that were owned and operated.

The third section is devoted to the firm GHA that traded in the area from 1988 to 2016.  This family business grew from a very small begining to become by far the largest bus and coach operator in the area.  It has a fascinating history.

I would be delighted and grateful for any feedback on this site.  I am eager to learn of any additional information that can be supplied or for any mistakes, errors etc to be pointed out.  It is easy to contact me - there is a feedback form to be found at this link.

Crosville was a significant company that operated not only in North East Wales but their territory extended to the whole of North, Mid and parts of West Wales together with Cheshire, significant parts of Merseyside, South Lancashire, Shropshire and Staffordshire.  I have an allied website Crosville.org devoted to this company which includes a potted history of the company and its successor Crosville Wales.  It has full fleet lists of the Crosville companies, many timetables from the period 1921 - 1959, details of the routes and the numbering systems used and much more. 

Photos of buses operated in the area can be found on the FOUR FLICKR sites that I am associated with  - and you are very welcome to visit them .  Most of the current fleets can be found together with a number of examples of historic vehicles.  Click on the links below to visit.

Old Crosville buses

Flintshire and Denbighshire Area Operators

Wrexham Area Operators

GHA Group