Davies Coaches

Leeswood, Mold

Legal name:-      Barbara Davies, Paul Davies and Patricia Davies

Operators licence no:-                  PG2007697/SN    [7]

address:       Philwen, Pontybodkin Hill, Leeswood, Flintshire, CH7 4RA

Five generations of the Davies family have been involved in this bus and coach business in Leeswood. The senior member of the family was George Leonard Davies and together with his son William James Davies they began the coach business using Dennis 'G' 20 seater buses. They also bought a Bedford OWB in 1944 during the war to convey local miners and essential workers.  

William James Davies had two sons - Geoffrey Davies and William Leonard Davies and they subsequently became involved in the business. These 3rd generation brothers ran the business for a period but in about 1977 they went their separate ways and two businesses were formed. The business of William Leonard Davies did not last long and it is the business of Geoffrey Davies and his wife Barbara Elizabeth Davies which has developed to the current business. 

Unfortunately Geoffrey Davies had a very serious accident while working on a bus and became wheelchair bound. Since the family split the business has traded as B E Davies with Mrs Barbara Elizabeth Davies holding the operators licence.  However the 4th generation of the family Paul Davies, son of Geoffrey Davies and Barbara Elizabeth Davies is very much involved in the running of the business.  

From November 2017 the business now trades under a new licence with Paul and Patricia Davies being added. The fifth generation of the family, Tom Davies,  passed his P.C.V. driving test at the age of 18 and is currently a driver with the firm

Davies Leeswood

Fleet History

The table below gives a list of all recorded vehicles known to have been with this operator.  

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Davies Leesood