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Dale's Travel (North Wales) Ltd

Dale McCarthy


Dale McCarthy had been involved with taxis before he obtained his first Operating Licence in 2015 in his own name.  In March 2019 the company Dale's Travel (North Wales) Limited was established and later that year an Operating Licence was granted to the company.

In July 2020 a new Ford Transit 16 seater was acquired and this was used on local school contracts in addition to private hire. A couple of months later in 2020 a 70 seater Jonckheere was obtained and was utilised to operate a School contract in West Cheshire.  In 2021 this Jonckheere was replaced and two coaches, a 55-seater and a 70-seater were obtained from Pat's Coaches, Southsea  Wrexham. 

The operating base for the firm changed a number of times. This included Main Road, Higher Kinnerton,  JSM Engineering Park, Station Road, Sandycroft and PDQ Workspace, Prospect House, Factory Road, Sandycroft 

In November 2021 the firm were awarded a contract by Flintshire County Council to operate the Deeside Park and Ride service using a vehicle supplied by the Local Authority. For a while this contract was taken over by Wrexham Taxis but it was later again operated by Dates Travel.

In April 2022 the firm moved to a new operating centre and office in Factory Road, Sandycroft. The Operating Licence was also amended to permit seven vehicles being used and further school contracts were obtained.

The firm went through some ups and downs with the fleet expanding and then contracting. Two vehicles acquired from local operators were returned to these operators.  A double deck vehicle LJ53BGO (DAF DB250 / Wright Pulsar Gemini - H43/22D) was obtained in September 2022 but this was soon found not suitable for the school contract involved and it left the fleet.  For a while the firm did operate some Rail Replacement work - but this work ceased.

With effect from 3 March 2024 the licence of Dale's Travel (North Wales) Ltd was surrendered to the Traffic Commissioner. A new application was made in March 2024 by Dale McCarthy for a 2 vehicle licence in respect of an Operating Centre at Shed C, The Homestead Garage, Gegin Lane, Wrexham, LL12 0NU.


The table below gives a list of all recorded vehicles known to have been with this operator.  I am indebted to David Donati for his dedicated work in compiling this data and enabling me to present it.

In the right hand column - where available - there is a link to a photograph of the vehicle.  The photo will open in a new window.  Links in CAPITAL LETTERS suggest the vehicle is seen when with the operator.

Chassis and body numbers are to be found on the right hand side of the table below. You may need to scroll to see them.

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