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Having driven for a number of operators in the Wrexham area, including Crosville, Terry Bryan and his wife Kay started their business in 1986. They started with a Ford Transit purchased from Pats Coaches. They also purchased a car for airport runs.

Their initial base was in Summerhill but they moved to Westminster Road in Moss where there was space to accommodate the two buses that they would operate at any one time.

The business grew and in 1988 and also in 1989 new Mercedes coaches were purchased.

In addition to private hire Terry operated some school contracts. These contracts involved transporting children to St Christophers, a school for pupils with a range of special educational needs. Whilst Terry would have driven the bus his wife was also employed as an escort - a role that their daughter also performed at times.

The business ceased in 1999 shortly after the death of Kay Bryan. Terry then went on to drive for Straffords Coaches in Minera.

He died in March 2017 at the age of 73

All photographs courtesy of Simone Bryan daughter of Terry and Kay


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Terrys Coaches