Darren's Excursions Beachers Coaches

Legal name:- Beachers Coaches Limited

Operators licence no:- PG1141274/SN [1]

address: 4 South Bank, Shotton, Deeside, Clwyd, CH5 1XZ

address: P D Services, Pinfold Lane, Alltami, Flintshire, CH7 6NZ

Facebook Page : Darrens Excursions North Wales & Cheshire

The main part of the business are tours organised by Darren Beacher, the Director of the business, who is also the main driver.

Details of his tours can be found on his facebook page.

Darrens Coaches

Fleet History

The table below gives a list of all recorded vehicles known to have been with this operator.

I am indebted to David Donati for his dedicated work in compiling this data and enabling me to present it.

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