Richard Johnson and Sons

Southsea, Wrexham


The partnership of Richard Johnson and Sons was formally instituted in 1928 but the family had been engaged in passenger transport for some 30- 40 years before this. Father Richard Johnson started with a pony and trap and worked between the villages of Talwrn and Southsea into Wrexham. His eldest son Richard Johnson junior traded separately and in 1924 he owned an 18 seat Maudslay charabanc. Two of Richard’s other sons, George and Frank, were also involved in the business.

After the establishment of the formal partnership involving the father and his three eldest sons they purchased four identical Chevrolets. During the period up to the Second World War the fleet was completely changed during the period of 1931 - 1932, again in 1936 and yet again in 1938. This essentially maintained a fleet of four vehicles, one per partner, with an occasional spare.

As the fleet was quite modern at the commencement of the war there were no changes made during the hostilities.

In June 1946 Richard Johnson junior died and his wife Maggie took over her husband's element of the partnership. She acted as a conductress and she hired a driver.

In April 1949 Richard Johnson himself died and his element of the partnership was taken over by the fourth son Samuel.

The partnership worked mainly on the basis of each partner providing the crew and vehicle to work a morning or afternoon shift on one of the two buses used on the route from Talwrn to Wrexham. In general there was agreement on the vehicles to be employed but Maggie did choose a different vehicle to operate.

In April 1934 there had been a challenge to the business by Crosville when the latter started to run in competition on the route. However customer loyalty to the Johnson family was such that Crosville withdrew from the route shortly afterwards.

Eventually the business, but no vehicles, transferred to Crosville in November 1961.

Photo Courtesy of Gareth Hughes


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