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Photo Courtesy of Keith Newton

Photo Courtesy of Keith Newton


The History of Bryn Melyn goes back to the 1920's where there is a story that an Anthony 'Laddie' Jones worked hard in the town of Llangollen hiring himself and a hand cart to convey goods for the purpose of raising funds to buy a bus. He and Richard Noel Jones entered a partnership and in 1923 started a service of conveying passengers from their home village of Rhewl to Llangollen. At first they used a car but by 1924 they had a new 18 seater Graham bus CA 6432. Elsie Marjorie Jones later joined the partnership. However in 1936 the partnerships were dissolved and 'Laddie' became a sole trader. By this time further routes had been established from Llangollen to Glyn Ceiriog and Oswestry. As with other similar bus companies the war years saw the arrival of some utility buses for conveying workers to strategic work places. The initial post war years saw the fleet increase and the work extended to tour work and private hire.

In 1964 the business was sold to Londoner 'Ted' Broadhurst who decided to sell off the coaching side of the business to a neighbouring business in Cefn Mawr operated at that time by Theo Roberts. This coaching business became 'Vale of Llangollen Tours' and became associated with GHA at a future date. Ted Broadhurst ran the bus business of Bryn Melyn for nearly 20 years but in 1983 he sold it to two of his employees Terry Bluck and Clive Wilson. He then retired and concentrated on other activities including his motor museum. The bus fleet expanded when in 1989 the company started the Llangollen to Wrexham service.

The business in Llangollen was based at a petrol filling station in Abbey Road and it was always a delight seeing the vehicles parked at various places on the premises which was on a steep hill.

In 2005 the business left Llangollen and moved to the Gardden Industrial Estate on the outskirts of Ruabon.

In May 2007 the company was purchased by GHA. For a number of years the Bryn Melyn part of the Group was operated as a distinct business under its own management but under the general direction of the two principal directors of GHA. However from April 2015 the Bryn Melyn company began to be completely merged into the main part of GHA.

Photo Courtesy of Keith Newton

Photo Courtesy of Steven Meredith


The table below gives a list of all recorded vehicles known to have been with this operator. I am indebted to David Donati for his dedicated work in compiling this data and enabling me to present it.

In the right hand column - where available - there is a link to a photograph of the vehicle. The photo will open in a new window. Links in CAPITAL LETTERS suggest the vehicle is seen when with the operator.

Chassis and body numbers are to be found on the right hand side of the table below. You may need to scroll to see them.

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