from the Bistre Emmanuel Parish Church magazine, March 1927

courtesy of the Buckley Society


Reginald Jenkinson was the son of a Methodist Minister the Reverend George Jenkinson and his wife Frances. As such the family moved around as most Minister postings lasted only two to three years. Reginald was born in Liverpool in 1883 while his father was posted there and was quite young when the family moved to Buckley when his father was appointed the Methodist Minister at Buckley Tabernacle Chapel. When his father was given another Ministry posting in the south of England Reginald stayed in Buckley with the family of Mr and Mrs Jones of Brunswick Road that he had made a close association with. Mr and Mrs Jones had varying business interests including a farm, bakery and a shop but also their business extended to operating a horse drawn bus, lorry and taxi. Reginald spent a lot of his time working with the horses. Whilst Reginald was a bright pupil at Hawarden Grammar School he left his studies early to work partly driving the horse drawn taxi and bus. On Wednesdays and Saturdays he drove the horse drawn bus to and from Mold and on other days he would be involved in carting goods around from places such as Chester and Buckley Railway station. This work continued for a number of years.

By 1910 Reginald had married Clara and he had taken over running the business which had now moved to Berwyn Garage. He managed to buy the land on which the garage was built. Motor vehicles had replaced the horse drawn carriages. His Ford Model T was typical of the period and was capable of being used as both a lorry or to carry passengers. He developed mechanical skills and also involved himself in teaching others how to drive the vehicle.

During the war years of 1914-1918 Reginald not only drove and took workers to the Munitions factory in Queensferry but he himself worked there as a fitter.

After the war Reginald developed the bus services finding new routes but there was fierce competition with the firm of Crosville who ran buses in front and behind his.

He established a route from Buckley to Mold Grammar School and also from the town to Chester Infirmary. He would also arrange for tours to places such as Rhyl, Llangollen, Ruthin and the Nant-y-garth Pass. However he found that trying to take his passengers to Loggerheads was impossible as he was not allowed to drop off or pick up passengers anywhere near as Crosville had purchased land there and would not allow any other bus operators anywhere near.

He employed some four drivers and conductors and during the general strike in the early 1920's whilst he and his employees continued to work there was times when Crosville drivers attempted to do serious damage to his bus. He was also taken to a Public Inquiry in front of the Traffic Commissioners following a complaint from Crosville but he was able to produce petitions from his regular passengers and show that all his vehicles were roadworthy. The Traffic Commissioners allowed him to continue to operate.

Reginald's children all became involved in the business in one way or another.

In September 1934 with a heavy heart Reginald decided to give in to Crosville and allowed them to purchase the business. As part of the negotiation he secured employment for his regular drivers and conductors. His three buses were transferred. Reginald continued to run another side of the business of repairing motor vehicles and selling petrol. He retired from this business in 1952 and died two years later in 1954 aged 71.

Standing next to this Humber seven seater taxi are neighbours - from left to right Mrs Winnie Roberts, Mrs Astbury, Reginald Jenkinson and Mr Astbury .

Photo thought to be around 1930

(Courtesy of the Buckley Society)


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